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How many questions in the impossible quiz

how many questions in the impossible quiz

Start studying IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS (the real ones). Question 5: Right click then move over then click, or move off the screen. . how many times that Chris the cat got beaten till faint(remember how many punch the gangster's hand. 1.) Four 2.) No, but a tin can 3.) K.O 4.) THE ANSWER 5.) Cross outside the screen 6.) Shallots 7.) An elephant 8.) Yes! 9.) THAT ONE (top right) addicting games: the impossible quiz?. All the answers to the Impossible Quiz game, plus an explanation of the answers. Question 1: How many holes in a Polo? Answers: One Two.

How many questions in the impossible quiz Video

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! Click the bomb at 5. Move the mouse off the flash window and an elephant will fall. Run cursor up and down lightning rod If you don't, you can take as long as you like to answer the question. Please enter free handy spiele text below: Repeatedly click Spidermonkey until he craps out an arrow. You run so far away. Click on the Y squared in the question Cut all 10 toenails by clicking them you have to be fast 6. Click the switch behind the question number Look for the full version online or in the Apple app store. how many questions in the impossible quiz Suffer through the tormenting sequels as well! Cross it out if it bears game wrong, and circle it if you were right. Sugar, honey, honey Question Can we please change the word "atheism" to "common sense"? We have compiled all The Impossible Test levels with answers and cheats right. Tasteless white filth After you answer every question, you will be rapidly thrown at another increasingly difficult problem. Most of the time, the player will be presented with a question or task, followed by four clickable options, one of which is the correct one. If you lose all your lives and have to restart the game and it's a miracle if this doesn't happen , you'll be glad you wrote down your last guess so you have fewer options to choose from next time. Use all seven skips. You must beat all questions of the game in a single take, no checkpoints in-between. The rules are simple: Scratch will stop supporting Internet Explorer 8 on April 30, Close Encounters of the Furred Kind Chapter 2: Proud that you managed to beat the Impossible Quiz? Approximately seven months after releasing this game, Splapp-Me-Do released the sequel, The Impossible Quiz 2 , which featured a lot of improvements over its predecessor regarding both visuals and presentation. The game is usually presented as a game of questions and answers, though in reality, there's always more than meets the eye. Turn on the light then pop the guy's zits. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Lemonade Dragon, LLC is not affiliated with PixelCUBE, Splapp-Me-Do, or inXile in any way.

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